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Jan. 3rd, 2011 | 01:27 am
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Crappy start to the new year basically--Found out foxy has cancer a month ago and the only real way to be sure it's not coming back would be to amputate her leg or do radiation.  The radiation apparentl causes bone cancer down the line and requires amputation in the end anyways...so we opted for amputation....then we were thinking Oh, maybe we can do a partial and get her a prosthetic leg...the surgeon told our vet a few days ago he won't do it if its partial seeing as theres a high chance cancer moved into the lymphnode--so he wants to do a total amputation....What that means is her whole leg and her shoulder blade will be removed and she will be a tripod...or as people so lovingly call their 3-legged pets...Tripawd...ugh she's going under the knife in the next wfew weeks...so yeah not a good way to start the new year...
That's teh fox...no image cut for j0o
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